waves of melody - live in concert

Waves of melody – live in concert

Waves of melody
sraavyam-CD ReleaseJ.A.Jayanth live in concert
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684- RAGA ECSTASY(1)Raga Ecstasy
Vittal Ramamurthy – violin,
Mannargudi Easwaran – Mridangam,
S.Venkatramanan – Kanjira
Tranquil Melodies
Co-artist : N.C.Bharadwaj
venuswaranjaliThis CD is a dedication by Jayanth to his lineage of gurus -T.S.Sankaran and his guru Flute Mali. He has picked compositions popularised by his gurus and presented them in his own style of playing also following their footsteps.
This album offers a perfect blend of carnatic and contemporary classical music with 11 compostions covering various moods. Every track in the album has been rendered with finesse and given a magical touch by Jayanth along with talented artists participating in the album.

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CDNF 157263 FR
For a live concert experience with 9 compositions including the very popular “Ninnuvina Namadendu in Navarasakanada” played beautifully.With wonderful musicians S.Varadarajan on violin,T.Bhakthavatsalam on mridangam and M.Murali on Ghatam.

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This CD brings out the fullness of listening to a Carnatic Kutcheri (concert) with Ragas Shanmukhapriya and Shankarabaranam dealt expansively along with Amba Paradevathe and Sarasijanaba Sodhari.Wonderful artists Vittal Ramamurthy on violin, Thiruvarur Bhakthavatsalam on Mridangam and Vaikom Gopalakrishnan on Ghatam.

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murali 012
Accompanied by Sikkil Bhaskaran and Vellore Ramabhadran again.This features some of the popular Flute numbers. – 6th
sarvalagu -1DVD-Sarvalagu – This DVD on Mridangam Maestro Vellore Ramabhadran features Jayanth playing couple of songs on  the Flute.It was an honour  when Ramabhadran insisied that Jayanth play some of his favourtie numbers in this DVD
murali013Jayanth’s first solo album with Doyens  Sikkil Bhaskaran and Vellore Ramabhadran accompanying him with lilting Flute melodies.