flute_jayanth_proJayanth is one of the most promising flautists in the carnatic music arena. A prodigy, driven by divine in-born talent and bubbling enthusiasm in bamboo flute, he was naturally drawn into the tutelage of his grandfather, noted flautist LateT. S. Sankaran(prime disciple of Flute Mali) in a traditional guru-sishya paramparasince the age of five. Much before at the age of four, he was grounded well in vocal music by his grand mother late V.S.Sundari.

Jayanth gave his first solo flute concert at an age of seven. His ability to play RTP in three speeds (thrikaalam) surprised the senior accompanists and the audience on that occasion.

He was awarded ‘A’ grade by All India Radio, Doordarshan when he was just 21.

He has to his credit several solo flute concerts in India and Abroad.

On his recent tour of the U.S.A he performed at the Drive East Festival in New York. His skills and mastery on

rhythm was highly appreciated in “The New York Times” that carried a review of his concert.


He has a refined fingering and blowing technique which enables him to switch over to the BASS and DOUBLE BASS flutes with ease to cover lower octaves, which is acclaimed as a hallmark in his recitals. Jayanth naturally demonstrates depth and proximity to the lyrical aspect of a composition, given that he belongs to the pioneering school of Legendary Flute MALI. His spontaneity, perfect pitching coupled with expressive and bhava laden rendering has won him appreciation from his co-artists and music connoisseurs. He is known for his powerful blowing technique enabling him to produce base tonal effect in the lower octave (Mandhara sthaayi).

He has been accompanied by doyens of carnatic music like Umayalpuram K.Sivaraman, Late Sri Vellore Ramabhadran, Sri T.V.Gopalakrishnan, Sri T.K.Murthy, Sri Guruvayur Dorai, Sri Mannargudi Easwaran, Sri Bhakthavathsalam, Sri M.Chandrashekaran, Kum.Dwaram Mangathayaru, Sri S.Varadarajan, Sri Vittal Ramamurthy and other talented artists.

He has also performed jugalbandhi with noted Hindustani flautist Pt.Ronu Majumdar.

Some of the major sabhas/venues he has performed at include The Madras Music Academy, Swathi Sangeethothsavam-Trivandrum Palace, Kalakshethra Foundation, The Shanmukhananda Hall – Mumbai, Chowdiah Hall – Bangalore, Prashanthi Nilayam – Puttaparthi, Kennedy Center – Washington DC, Purana Quila – Delhi.

Jayanth’s music is also inspired by legends G.N.B, T.N.R. and Semmungudi Srinivasa Iyer

and tries to imbibe the best in their music. He is currently learning from Sanjay Subrahmanyan.

He has several Audio CDs and DVDs to his credit.

He was awarded The Bharat Ratna M.S.Subbulakshmi Fellowship by Sri Shanmukhananda Sabha.


Awards & honors :-

 1 THE BEST INSTRUMENTALIST AWARDfrom Madras Music Academy, Jan 1st 2016


3VENU GANA KALA PRAVEENAfrom Brahmana Mahasabha – March 21st, 2015

4YUVA KALA VIPANCHEEfrom Vipanchee, Chennai – December 31, 2014

5 YUVA SANGEETHA KALA JYOTHI from Suswaraa Trust, Chennai – November 14, 2014

6 YUVA KALA BHARATHIfrom Bharath Kalachar, Chennai- December 1, 2012

7THE BEST INDIVIDUAL PERFORMER AWARD from Madras Music Academy for HCL Concert Series, 2013

8 THE BEST INSTRUMENTALIST AWARD from Madras Music Academy, Chennai ,January 1, 2010

9 CARNATIC IDOL OF THE YEAR 2007 from Carnatica and Raghalaya Trust, Chennai, December 12, 2007

10 SAMAIKYA BHARATH GAURAV SATKARfrom Madras Telugu Academy, Visakapatnam, May 14, 2006

11 CHILD PRODIGY AWARDfrom Andhra Kala Samithi, Chennai, March 30, 2006

12 KAASHYAP CHILD ARTISTE AWARDfrom Valayapatti Naadhalaya, Chennai , December 24, 2005

13 SCHOLARSHIP RECOGNITIONfrom Ministry of Culture & Training, Government of India, 2005 & 2013

14 YOUTH EXCELLENCE AWARDfrom Rotary Club, West Chennai, September 18, 2004.

15 SARABA SHASTHRI ENDOWMENT PRIZE,from Sri KrishnaGana Sabha , Chennai – 2004 & 2011